Turns out, not all Brits are into rowing and criquet. Aimee Fuller (born in Kent, Farnborough) is one of them. This 25 year old snowboarder didn’t grow up in a place with proper snowboarding facilities anywhere around, but when you are determined to follow your dreams, that’s just a tiny obstacle. With more medals and trophies she can keep count of, she made Team Great Britain proud in the latest Winter Olympics, and is getting ready for round 2 as we speak:

I have always loved sport, from a young age my passion was anything involving wheels, flips or a ball. Starting out with motocross, 2 years of gymnastics, basketball, rollerblading, lacrosse and skiing at my local dry slope from the age of 4, I think all of these things combined provided me with a great platform to explore snowboarding and turn my passion into my career.

“At the time snowboarding seemed “the cool” thing to try, it was out of bounds initially when I first wanted to try at my local slope as they didn’t have any kit in my size, I was attracted to the jumps, tricks, spins and all of the obstacles I saw in the X games on the TV! The “no rules” approach and sense of freedom it gave me when I first tried it made it my addiction!”

Ed Bloomfield Whitelines
Ed Bloomfield Whitelines


Living in the US was awesome, I was so lucky to spend 3.5 years of my life growing up there, from the age of 12-16 is when I first discovered snowboarding and it was there that I got noticed by my long term sponsor Roxy which has enabled me to pursue a career despite living in Ireland! The UK is great for riding indoors and the dry slope but living an hour and a half from the ice coast Pennsylvania in the US gave me the opportunity to try riding on the snow!

When would you say your career took off?

When I won the Pleasure Jam back to Back in 2011 + 2012 and landed the first double in a contest and finished 6th in the X Games.

Photo: Matt Georges
Photo: Matt Georges

We’ve heard that being part of Team UK in the latest Winter Olympics in Sochi made you the proudest. How was your experience? Will you try to make it to the next OG?

Wearing the team kit and walking out into the opening ceremony was definitely a moment I won’t forget. I was not happy with how I performed on snow there and I am really looking forward to riding hard over the next year and a half to qualify for Korea 2018. I’ve already been for the test event and finished in the top 8, so it’s all to play for, the hard work has begun and I am excited for the qualifying to begin this winter.

I’m most thankful for my family, I am really close with my Mum and Dad, brother too, however Josh and I definitely clash, but have grown together as we’ve got older. Also my boyfriend Ross, he’s had my back through the ups and downs, qualifying for the Olympics in 2014 and been the guy at the end of the phone whenever I needed him.

Aimee between trainnings in Korea - photo by Jenny Bletchler
Aimee between trainnings in Korea – photo by Jenny Bletchler

It’s a whirlwind of a lifestyle, one day your slumming it, 7 in one room in a hostel on the road, or a grotty hotel in the backstreets of Chour lording it up in a 4* Chalet in France. It’s a diverse and unique lifestyle which keeps you grounded and creates some fantastic opportunities. It’s the hard work on and off the snow to maintain a strong base to perform at your best.

What are the best and worst parts of the life of a pro Snowboarder?

Probably leaving home, in the thick of winter, 4 months into an 8 month season, I find leaving the people I am closest to behind at home when I travel. Also the early starts… 7am training sessions means a 5.30am start, leaving for the hill at 6 to be on snow for 7. That can be brutal, especially when it’s -30 on those days in Colorado or Canada… but when the sun is up, and your shredding in AUS, there’s Kangaroos, a killer sunrise it’s a hell of an experience!

Olympic test event Korea - Photo Jenny Bletchler
Olympic test event Korea – Photo Jenny Bletchler


I love cities, probably because I spend a lot of time off the beaten track. I spend a lot of time in London, which is a perfect balance with living part time in Belfast, which is pretty rural and I can get down to the beach with 0.5 mile of a run! it’s a great balance.

A dream to come true?

X Games Podium.

If you could be anything else, what would it be?

A surfer as I love the heat and the freedom of the water, or a travelling sports presenter!

Favorite city? LONDON Food? WAFFLES + PANCAKES. NUTRII yoghurt song? HARD to choose, I love the charts and anything you can get up Dance and sing too! Movie? Bridesmaids Tv series? Suits Dogs or cats? hmm DOG I really want a whippet! Beach or mountain? beach haha

My advice for upcoming snowboarders is to ride as much as you can, have fun and try something new everyday, no matter how small it is, that one thing will inspire you to come back time and time again.

Lifestyle X Games Oslo - Photo Hannah Bailey
Lifestyle X Games Oslo – Photo Hannah Bailey




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