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We all know how YouTube goes: you open the site looking for a song and end-up looking at a “how to speak to a giraffe tutorial”.  HOWEVER there are some hilarious comedians who have found their spot in this platform. They’re OH SO KIND to post videos weekly (some even daily) to entertain us. It would take three full magazines to show you just the top comedy channels but here you have our August’s picks that will make your daily commute and lazy afternoons soooo much better:

SHANE DAWSON: Shane’s two channels (Shane & Shane TV) gather over 15 million suscribers and the most ridiculously hilarious videos. We never expected a video of an über self-concious guy tasting weird foods or trying (let us emphasize the word “try”) to cook galaxy sh*t, grilling dildos and doing parodies of Miley Cyrus could be so fantastic. He speaks at the speed of light so keep up with him if you can – he uploads videos every single day and believe us, the one day wait will even feel too long!


COLLEGE HUMOR: this channel’s sketches are so relatable, it hurts; but they will also crack you up. With tittles like “How to tell if you’re a basic bro/ basic bitch” or “Tinder Profile Picture Day”, you know you won’t miss a single update!


AWKWARD PUPPETS: Directed by Vine Star Rudy Mancuso and featuring many other viners, AP is the peak of racial humor – mainly hispanic – it’s got no chill, and you’re gonna love it. (Video below)


HONEST TRAILERS (SCREEN JUNKIES): get ready to have your favorite movies… ruined – but the guy is so funny you not only won’t be mad, but you will fall like we’ve all done and ask him to do it again with every movie you love! In a way… he kinda makes them better!


JESSI SMILES: Remember when you used to ask your grandparents for “story time”? Such cool, sweet stories. Aaaand here comes Jessi Smiles! Her story time videos are f*cked up, honest and insane, and that’s why we love her. She spares absolutely no detail (literally) which might make you cringe when things get weird (often), but it’s worth it. She has us thinking… how can all these things happen to one lil person?


JENNA MARBLES: The Queen of YouTube! There’s just no way to describe Jenna’s videos – you just never know with her. She just takes everything to the next level and we challenge you to watch any of her videos without dropping your jaw! She even got a mention in Family Guy 😉


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