finn stone

Finn Stone is the best example of a crazy genious; he’s a classic, extravagant artist. He experiments with all types of art, techniques, époques… and somehow, mixes they all together creating masterpieces:

Even though I started off in ceramics working in clay, one of the great advantages of pursuing art is the personal freedom you enjoy as an artist. As an artist, you are master of your studio, and what happens there is completely up to you. No one can tell you how to create, and no one can define success for you. So I would define myself as indefinable.

finn stone 3

When did you first have contact with the art world?

That’s a deep question, I could say when I was born and opened my eyes for the first time.

Becoming a successful artist is only a dream for many; how were your beginnings?

Well first you have to believe in yourself as other were not so sure, I knew what I wanted, but I also knew it was going to take a while so I thought I would have fun while waiting and do a bit of everything and totally enjoy it.

finn stone dog

I had people doubting me, but I would always say “the doubt is in yourself “ not in me.

I didn’t have a plan B. There was only on way and that was forward, art or art… so I chose art, but it also choses you.

Is there a message in your art-works or you just want to create something beautiful?

Power of the mind, what it can achive… the closer you look the more you see.

finn stone vg

How would you define your style?

Quirky classic.


Contemporary pouf / resin / child's unisex

What inspires your creations?

Chaos and history.


finn stone art chair

Who has been your greatest influence?

Every artist who painted a classic.



finn stone sculpture

You are currently exhibiting your work in Maddox Gallery in London, what made you choose this space and city?

I live in London and I like to be close to the gallery I work with so i can just pop in with in 30 mins, London is the best place to sell your art.

Do you ever anonymously mingle around the visitors to get their honest opinions?

In the early days I would, but now my hat is “too big”.

What art piece from your collections is your all-time favorite?

The Vermeer made for paintbrushes and squashed oil tubes.

_DSC2565 copy 2

What does art mean to you?

Being alive, breathing, eating, walking, sleeping.

My advice for young artists is to never take no for an answer, you need to push that bit harder to sit in your dream cloud. But when you get there, keep pushing.




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