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Harold Sangouard (Harow) is the finest and yet the boldest designer in Paris.  His creations are sharp, distinct and robust but they show so many emotions. His work speaks for itself, and it speaks volumes:




Your philosophy is “not to follow any trend but to focus on the beauty of the objects, which results in a pleasurable viewing”. What made you stick to this motto? 

My favourite feeling when I am at an exhibition is the astonishment. This is what I am looking for and this what I want to create. I like to be impressed and I want to share this feeling in my creations.

I really love art and wanted to give it a functional aspect. I wanted it to be more than just aesthetic, to invite it in our quotidian life.


Galerie Dorée / PARIS Monolith Photo by Alexandre Ferman
Galerie Dorée / PARIS
Photo by Alexandre Ferman

I am not the one who first had contact with the design world, the Skull Armchair did. It didn’t ask for any permission, didn’t contact anyone. It just broke down the doors and said “Now I am here, deal with it”.


harold harrow
I got an atypical path, nothing presaged me becoming a designer. I am autodidact in everything I do. I always had an irrepressible desire to tinker, build, create, imagine new pieces and push my own limits. Then, gradually, I have seen my creation grow and settle in the design world.



Sputnik Chair
Sputnik Chair

Nobody really doubted me, but even if someone doubts me, I don’t care. It is not that I am stubborn, but a meteorite can fall, I would continue to create what I have in mind. I could not resist either to do what I do.


Did you have a plan B or were you determined to turn your passion into your career?

That’s the best question I have ever had since I started in the design because I never thought about it. I tell myself that I have to do everything I can now that I have the opportunity to show my work. I would deeply regret it if I don’t. We shall see where it will lead me, but that’s a pretty nice adventure.

harrow a


Each piece has a story to tell. Each one represents something specific. Most of the time my work is a tribute to an event, a famous personality or a legend that has left its mark and influence me.

What inspires your creations?

History, historical events, artistic currents… I like to rethink them , to give them a physical, structural and artistic aspect and then, transformed it into a functional object. I want to bring History out of books, to invite it to stay with us at home.



I can be inspired by every creative current, every kind of art, and every personality to Damien Hirst to Dark Vador, to the design to street art, to painting to architecture. Roughly speaking, my greatest influences are the people and the object that impressed me a lot. As I said, I like to be impressed and I want my work to be impressive.


Iceberg Stool & Side Table
Iceberg Stool & Side Table


You have exhibited your work in fantastic spaces such as Wexler Gallery and Palais Tokyo among many , what made you choose these space s and cities ?

I am very honored to h ave the chance to work with them and I want to thank them for trusting in me and in my design. Exhibiting my work is making it real. That gives life to my creations and that is really rewarding.

How did you feel the first time people attended your exhibitions?

I was very curious. I really wanted to see how people would react in seeing my creations.



harold char
Do you ever anonymously mingle around the visitors to get their honest opinions?

Yes I do. The good comments are very pleasant but the bad comments can be good too. My proudness is to make people react. To create a reaction, an emotion as strong as possible, even a bad one, is success for me.

Sputnik Chair / Copper Edition
Sputnik Chair / Copper Edition What art piece from your collections is your all – time favorite?


What art piece from your collections is your all – time favorite?

That’s difficult, it’s like choosing between my father and my mother… Today, my favorite piece is the Sputnik Chair, the Copper edition. But that could be different if you ask me the same question in a few weeks.




BLACK // Skull Armchair
BLACK // Skull Armchair


I started to be fascinated by skulls when I was a very young boy, as otherchildren can be with their favorite toys. That is a human object highly symbolic which has been a powerful source of inspiration as much for religions, sciences and art. Skulls also remi nd us a simple fundamental fact : behind our carnal envelope, our social environment or our origin, we are all identical, equals.


KHEOPS // Console & Table
KHEOPS // Console & Table

Always interested in new collabs, I am a fan of Otto Bathurst . I love the way he highlights the beauty on the screens.

What does design mean to you?

Several hours working on a computer 🙂




What’s your advice for young artists?

To never listen any advices. As Oscar Wilde said: «The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on»


HAROW supports Sea Shepherd’s efforts to protect the living force
of our Earth. In our commitment to honoring the work of Captain
Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd, HAROW presents the Sea
Shepherd Skull Armchair. This edition of the iconic armchair is
made with the same passion and the same positive energy. All the
reflects of its Dark Blue color represent every ocean and seas
existing on Earth. The seat, faithful to the war’s Sea Shepherd
boats, is a tribute to each craft and its crew, to each man and
woman cruising the seas to rescue and protect the maritime
biodiversity in the entire world.
sea harlow
Sea Shepherd Skull Armchair Dark Blue finish / Arctic Sea Shepherd camo. Unique piece


All the profits of this project will go to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
We take this opportunity to remind our reader that each help for the foundation is welcome, not only talking about donations. Talking about the foundation or sharing a post on your social network could make the difference.
Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non – profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Its mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.
Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct – action tactics to investigate, document, and take a ction when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.





Contact@harow.fr / +33 6 19 78 29 74


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