Sometimes your dreams take you far away from home. But when you’re very passionate about your goals, every obstacle is a new source of motivation.

We’ve had the pleasure to interview Laura Rosillo, a Spanish ballet dancer making her dreams come true with day after day of hard-work. She’s opened up with Vendôme about the real life of a professional ballet dancer, her ups and downs and what keeps her going:

When I was 4 years old, my mother enrolled me in a ballet school in my town (Tomares) as an extracurricular activity; she had always liked it and actually had practiced it when she was young…

At first I attended ballet lessons with all my friends and neighbors… but eventually they were all leaving. And I did not understand why…. Every time I liked it more and more… I couldn’t wait to be eight years old already and attend the audition for the “Professional Dance School of Seville” and keep learning more and more… I craved wearing pointe shoes!!!



I would have liked to complete my training in Seville, because then I would not have been separated from my family at such a young  age…but I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had stayed back home. Moreover, a teacher recommended my parents to let me move to Madrid, thanks to my physical condition and my attitude. 

“In 2007 when I was in 13 years I went to Madrid to take a summer course at the prestigious school of “Victor Ullate”, and at the end he offered me a scholarship through his Foundation for Dance to train as a professional dancer with him. In that moment I moved to Madrid with my mother. In September 2011 (17 years old) I signed my first contract as official Dancer at the “Victor Ullate Ballet” (Ballet of the Community of Madrid) and from then until July 2015 I danced and travelled both around Spain and around different European cities and Latin American with all the repertoire of the company, dancing different roles as solo dancer.”

“After my wonderful period with Victor Ullate, I decidde to leave Spain and attend public auditions for the Staatsballett Berlin and private auditions for the Het Nationale Ballet in Amsterdam. I got in both companies! After evaluating the two options I chose the Het Nationale Ballet, where I’m today and I feel very happy!”


The “Victor Ullate Ballet” is a medium-sized company in terms of number of dancers and “neoclassic” repertoire, which particularly fascinates me and pleases me.

The “Het Nationale Ballet” is one of the most important ballets in the world, with many members and a variety of productions where I can dance for the first time in my life the “classic” repertoire (Giselle, Nutcracker…), which I wanted to do since I was a child and is absolutely essential for any ballet dancer.

I have NEVER thought about giving up! I’m thankful every day to my mother for enrolling me in a ballet school which helped me discover my passion and my way of life. I have worked and of course I keep working hard to continue to grow professionally. I am privileged:  starting with the unconditional support of my family whose sacrifice and effort have been essential in my career, and all the professionals I’ve met throughout my training who shared all their wisdom… the rest is my responsibility through perseverance, sacrifice, passion for dance… dancers are always in pain, but that pain disappears when you receive the applause and congratulations from the public… it’s a wonderful feeling!!!


Between classes, rehearsals and performances…  I train about 8 hours a day.

“Today, thanks to technology and communications, you can be away from your family but also feel very close… I stay continuously and daily in contact with my parents and my brother who I love and with whom I would have liked to share more years of my life. The first thing I do every morning is to talk to my mother… and certainly every time I go back to Spain it’s to be close to my people.”

While you dance, you’re playing a role… and depending on to what piece and to which to music I dance to, when I start moving I can feel happiness, peace, confidence…. also anger… But what gives me more satisfaction and joy it’s to know that people go to the theater in their spare time and during our performance they enjoy themselves and escape from their daily problems… I also forget my problems when I dance!! It is the satisfaction of a job well done after so many hours of rehearsal.

“I admire many dancers, but I will highlight some who have always been a source of inspiration and admiration: Polina Semionova, Marianela Nunez and the great Sylvie Guillem.”


“From all my teachers, the one who’s had a bigger impact on me has been VICTOR ULLATE. He put his trust in me since I was a child and has always treated me like his daughter, advising and pouring all his wisdom on me! I have been extremely lucky to have crossed his path and will never stop feeling grateful… He’s very special to me and I consider him my “artistic father”.”

Dancing professionally is the dream of all children who do ballet and it’s not easy to achieve, but I worked very hard, so part of my dreams have been fulfilled… I am young and would love to go back to Spain with an important international recognition… And for that I will continue to fight!

“Amsterdam is wonderful, cozy, quiet and at the same time full of energy and hustle, and it seems to me as the perfect excuse to continually receive visits from friends and family!”

The company’s atmosphere is very good, I’ve met really great friends, we are treated very well by the management of the theatre and it has great facilities. I am very happy to be part of the cast of dancers of the HET NATIONALE BALLET. Today, I am very happy in Amsterdam.






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