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After finding his work in the finest galleries around the world, we surrendered to Niclas’ talent. Influenced by pop art, neo-expressionism and street art, this German artist has created his own artistic style and positioned himself on top of the contemporary art scene; this has of course allowed him to enjoy a lavish lifestyle, which never distracted him from creating. Luckily he found a place in his beyond-busy agenda, full of exhibitions and events around the world, to talk about his story:


I was born in the Eastern part of Germany where the art scene was dominated by the famous Leipziger Schule. Artists like Neo Rauch inspired many people worldwide. Baselitz, Richter and others are well known in the global art scene, as well.

Nicas Castello Artist


My mother is a talented painter, even though she never went into a professional career. I was always interested in art and performances. I went to New York and met the famous artist Artleen Schloss. She took me under her wings and inspired me to develop my artistic talent.

When would you say that your career took off?

In 2010 when I had exhibitions on 3 different continents for the first time.

You鈥檝e mentioned that you were inspired by the INVADER phenomenon in Montmartre, Paris; can we actually see any hints of it in any of your creations?


“I spend a few month in Paris to get in touch with the contemporary art scene because it is one of the worldwide hot spots where at the same time the vernacular and the intellectual is changed into creativity. If you look at the street art and Thomas Hirschhorn, you know what I mean.”


New York had an enormous impact on me. This restless, driven and stimulating city corresponds perfectly with my personality. When I am creating my artworks, it feels like “sex, drugs and rock’n roll”. You even can dance on the table for the very first time in your life. So did I.



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In general, I don鈥檛 like to speak about the meaning and representation of my artworks. But they can be seen as an expression of the spirit of our time. Artists are always reflecting and questioning the individual, the society and the world we are living in. In my objects and paintings you find glamour, pop, brands, joy of living, but also punk, deconstruction and recreation.


I want to create something beautiful. There is beauty inside everything. Every piece of my artwork contains a piece of me and my life.

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What has been the most exciting moment in your career? And which one was the most unexpected?

When I discovered what it means to be a contemporary artist. Arleen Schloss showed me to focus on the expression of a work.

What would you change from the contemporary art world?

More people should be open and interested in contemporary art. It is a peaceful way of having respect of each other.


Being a full-time artist is a big achievement because most talents are sadly never recognized; were you always determined to become an artist or did you have doubts?

I always knew that I’m not built for a 9 to 5 job – like Zeus 馃槈

There was not really a plan B, except running for president one day.

Have you ever been asked for a bizarre custom art-work from a buyer or collector, or have had any extravagant experience as artist?

Yes, of course. Actually the most extraordinary one is a request for a titanium lip, completely covered and framed with real diamonds for a private collector. I did several commissioned works for international brands and companies, and would love to do more outrageous and crazy. Therefore I am always open for interesting orders.

My dream is to become the most famous exciting artist in the world, of course.

Where can we currently find your art?

In a number of established and emerging galleries and international art fairs around the globe, e.g. in LA, Miami, Hongkong, New York, London, Vienna, Hamburg and Switzerland.




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