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You may know this fierce polynesian lady from the 4th most viewed YouTube video ever. Parris Goebel is the choreographer behind Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” video, which you know you’ve watch once or twice, maybe a couple of hundred times…

In the video we can see the Kiwi dancer, choreographer and creative director with her dancers from ReQuest Dance Crew and The Royal Family dance crew. Goebel confessed: “We wanted to just bring more life to it. We were going for a vintage ’90s vibe. Me and two of my friends pretty much styled everyone. We all did our own makeup and were spontaneous… Most of it was my wardrobe, actually. We just kind of put together what we had.”

On the floor she’s not Parris Goebel; she’s Parris, Queen of Polyswagg, head of The Royal Family. She is a beast.

Goebel dancing in the "Sorry" music video / Working closely with Justin Bieber
Goebel dancing in the “Sorry” music video / Working closely with Justin Bieber

But Parris didn’t stop there and she has just surprised us with her two debut singles. As expected, her music is as unique as her dance moves. “Friday” and “Nasty” are the perfect tunes for her choreographies, a mix of deep-beats, hip-hop… and Parris.

The aesthetics of her videos show her kiwi – polynesian roots: powerful-yet-fluent moves, action, energy, sensuality and color. We didn’t expect any less from you, P!

Keep up with Parri$ and don’t forget to listen to her new music: WEBSITEINSTAGRAM YOUTUBE

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