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Born in Spain 39 years ago, Raul’s passion has taken him and his camera around the world. Cover after cover, Raul’s talent and hard-work have led him to a place every fashion photographer dreams of. Now based in Hong Kong, he tells us about his keys to success which will definetely surprise you:

Your photography is vibrant and full of life. Would you say this is your signature?

I want to think so. Whether if it`s through a powerfull action image or a soft and simple one, my goal is to get the attention of the viewer and a reaction and a feeling towards it.

I`ve always been fascinated about image, and its power of communication. I could stare for a while at an image admiring the beauty of it and guessing what was the story behind it. So I thought that I also wanted to create and tell my own stories and make other people feel the same way about an image; fashion photography had a bit of everything that I wanted, a lot of creativity, focused on improving and creating beauty, working with people and teams, and it demands deep technique knowledge. So it made sense for me to try to get into it.

raul docasar

I think my career took off when I focused on doing my own projects that made me be more focused on what I really wanted to shoot and add that plus of identity to my pictures.

I like to work with new people even if I do have a “dream team”. But it`s nice to collaborate with professionals you don`t know so you can learn more from them and create something different.

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Photography taught me many things about me and my personality. Photography is always challenging me. So I challenge myself too and learn about my limits.

My inspirations are always differents: sometimes a movie, sometimes a conversation with friends or strangers, many things can inspire me. The most important for me is how I deal with that inspiration.

From your perspective, what’s the biggest difference between shooting a model and an actor, musician, or simply non-model?

Confidence is the main diference, but confidence is something you can improve.

Who has been your favorite person to shoot?

I don`t have a favourite one. Just some really memorable ones, such as recently Mika, a great person and professional.

Are there any “musts” or rules in High Fashion photography that you would change, or simply ignore?

For me there are “musts” but ignoring or following them is a matter of choice and personality.

There are plenty of wonderful perks in the life of a photographer, which can however be hard for some people. Your job includes a lot of travelling, new people, new places, and lack of routine. What keeps you going?

It`s definetly really hard sometimes. But I`m really grateful for who I am and what I have in my life. I feel so lucky that giving up is not an option for me.So I keep going and enjoying as much as I can.

I used to think that I had many like shooting for certain magazines or brands, or shooting someone I really wanted to work with, but I realized that my real goal was doing what I do.

I would tell upcoming photographers to belive in themselves and work really hard because talent means nothing without work.




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