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Born in St. Tropez, Richard Zarzi has always been surrounded by beauty. Starting from his beautiful birth place in the French Riviera all the way until his career in high-fashion and now, in the arts. He’s brought a twist to pop-art: more complex, more extravagant and certainly, more beautiful. He now lives between St Tropez and London where his art is displayed. We sat down to talk to him about his story:

10 years ago I had a change of consciousness that changed my life: I was living in the world of no feelings and got to a new world, the world of love where I can feel everything.
I was working in fashion as stylist for Christian Dior, Botega Venetta, Etro, Gucci, Chanel. This change brought me to the world of art.
I started abstract art: the emotions in the space; and this art brings me to the figurative art where I started to paint celebrities and in the luxury art 7 years ago; I was one of the first artist with Banksy and Hirst to make a portrait of Kate Moss.

artist richard zarzi

“My career took off was when I sold a piece for 11.000 pounds to Tyga in St Tropez, who is now always with The Kardashians.”

“The pictures of my paintings are celebrities and icons like Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne,
Princess Grace, Brigitte Bardot, etc. I paint those people because they are full of love, and art-work about them turns beautiful.”

“For me there was no stage, no school; I’m self-taught, it’s like I have this gift in my soul. My first painting was an abstract art-work.”

“The artists I look up to are the genious Leonardo da Vinci and Vassily Kandisky.”

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How often do you create art?

I creat art every minute.

What’s in your opinion the best city for an artist?

The best cities for artists are London & New York because they’re full of love.

“The craziest experience I’ve ever had as artist was to sale my artwork for 18.000 pounds.”

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The art scene in London is very conservative and very late with the way they see art.
They think art is all about painting. Art is not just painting, it’s everything.
They are confuse about the two arts: between beautiful art, the art from Love, and the ugly art, the art from the ego.
It’s very simple to make ugly art, but to make beautiful art is very difficult, that is the difference between small art and great art”

The painting I am the most proud is a painting of Kate moss and Mona Lisa.

The freedom is the greatest part of being an artist.

The goal and dream is to be one of the greatest artists of all the time.


richard zarzi

My advice to young artists is to love, that is the secret of being happy and making beauty in anything in your life.




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