Starley has one of these voices that makes your soul dance. Her single “Call on me” has become a worldwide hit and, even though the Australian artist has dedicated most of her life to music, this breakthrough is definetely not just a temporary success. Don’t you worry, she’s here to stay:

I’m most thankful for God. I’m quite spiritual. After Him, I’d say my family.

The past year must have been crazy for you! Did you expect the sudden success?

No, of course not. I don’t think anyone really expects success. You hope and pray for it, but you definitely don’t expect it! It also wasn’t really “sudden”. I’ve been working for years and really struggling to make it. I even wrote “Call on Me” at a time when I thought I’d have to give up music because the struggle was breaking my heart!

I want to write music that really touches people! My family is a huge influence in my life! I have 4 siblings and my parents are together so we had a lot going on in our house all the time. I was the one who would usually entertain everyone. When I was really young we didn’t have a working radio in our car so I would make up songs and get everyone to sing along with me!

You seem very comfortable on stage and in your music video. Does it all feel natural to you or do you ever feel overwhelmed?

I’m constantly overwhelmed, but I try to give everything my best and when I’m done I look back on what I can do differently to make it better. I’m sure I’ll always feel nervous when I get on stage and/or perform, but that also makes it exciting!

Right now my focus is on music but I also love fashion which is a real artform as well.

How important are the musicians that you perform and record with?

Extremely important. In the studio the chemistry has to be just right and I always look for people who can play instruments and get a little creative. On stage, the band becomes like your family. They’re up their performing my music so they have to be able to tell the musical story the way I envision it. Plus, you travel with them and spend a lot of time with them, so there’s a real bond that forms.

“Mariah Carey inspires me. She wrote her own music including 18 number ones. She’s incredible! I also love Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran and Sia. They’re all incredible songwriters and artists.”

I think my sound is always evolving and changing. That’s what makes it fun!

“It’s hard to say a particular audience was special. When I was on tour with Clean Bandit I couldn’t believe it when I heard the audience sing my song back to me. The audience in San Francisco were amazing and in New York, I nearly cried because I felt so much love from them. But there are so many special shows… Every show is special in their own way.”

I still live in Australia although I’ve been in the US since January. Writing in LA and the UK are the best because that’s where all the writers and producers are so you can find some amazing collaborators. However, when I’m home, I can just get in my head and write by myself. That’s how I wrote “Call on Me” actually; I was playing four chords on the keyboard in my childhood bedroom in Sydney.

How do you feel when you’re on stage?


I would love to collaborate with Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran and Sia.

You’re often compared to big names such as Ellie Goulding; how do you feel about it?

I love her, so I have no complaints!

I’d say my fashion-style is a mixture of street and high fashion.

“We were robbed in San Francisco while on tour with Clean Bandit and they took most of our gear along with my passport which has been a nightmare to deal with!”

My motto is always remember to be grateful (for who you are, where you’re at, and so on)!


Starley recently released her new single, click below to listen to it:



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